A postcard from Lockdown

PS: We will set off soon. Admittedly we can’t but what is surrealism, metaphysics and dream poetics for?

Hi there!

It’s beautiful here! Trees are blooming, sun is shining.20200423_180056

Everyday I see some stars from my balcony and they look like they wanted to tell me something… maybe the date of the return to normal? I haven’t figure it out yet but I will try to listen closely. There are moments when I find this whole situation even kind of nice. You can sit back in a deck chair on the terrace and feel the wind, take a moment.. when I close my eyes it’s like I was on a sailboat somewhere in the middle of a lake. Or make a bonfire after you did some gardening and just be happy about the smell of firewood slowly eaten by the flames. Just like camping right?


About the new reality…even here in Poland (where I currently reside) people are now allowed to stick their noses out a bit so I went for a bike ride. I saw fairly empty streets, bus stops… river boulevards and bridges which are normally poured with passers-by- now guarded mostly by the sculptures and signposts. The sun is shining but it’s still “chilly”…

..however, I wouldn’t say it’s ‘freezing cold’ because in some corners, there are already tiny shops timidly opened. Like the pastry- or the art- shop hidden somewhere between dusty, old buildings in a dead end.

Another day I took a spin on my roller blades (of course with a mask on my face..) and fairly empty boulevards turned into fairly full ones and I even got a cup of coffee to go…


People try hard to get social and no wonder to be honest. There are places where skype looks a bit like this 🙂



It starts to feel a bit like a sluggish thaw.  Is it though? Or is it the craving for getting back to what we had? I guess all of us had a crisis, small or rather big, recently or at the beginning of this chaos or somewhere in between..what should I say? I have worse and better times too but let’s just take what we get, feel the gratitude and wait 😉



Bye for now!

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