Still playing

I will probably burn my face from all this sunbathing on my balcony playa but that’s the only way I get to see the world lately.



And all I can see is people with shopping bags. Or dogs.. the only tickets to freedom.

So the virus jumps around, we need to stay home to flatten the curve while our curves probably get more curvy but my question is what will happen when we all break free?


I can’t imagine wearing rubber gloves and masks everywhere I go, do you??
Can we imagine hugging each other instead of skyping ?

Wouldn’t it be nice?


All I hear (whether I want or not) is another theory of the viral chaos and it gets on my nerves… so I am just playing my music.

I was trying to get some inspiration for this post so I asked some of my people which song would they choose if they could say only one name. The number one of their lives. I have one by the way. Everyone had some problems with that… it is too hard to choose only one “best for life” because there are too many, or because it depends on the mood and it changes all the time... or because when you choose one the other will be sad…oh..

So…I got Pocahontas and Iron Maiden..I definitely shouldn’t put these two together. Maybe on some wicked streets they would walk together.



But also a smoothing, acoustic picture of Lady Brown who supposed to be someone’s suga suga but instead is playing guitar for herself.

I guess she would also love to see how the Orinoco flows and sail away but all she can do now is stare at the moon in der nacht 😉




Even if now we have some smoke on the water and we all would prefer la vie en rose…there are days we don’t know yet for which is still worth to wait with a smile.





And me?

I want my MTV….





My Soundtrack:

Denis Lloyd – Playa
House of Pain – Jump around
Queen – I want to break free
Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere
The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice
Pink Floyd – Time
Michael Jackson – Smooth criminal
Dire Straits – Money for nothing


Your soundtrack:

Iron Maiden – The trooper
Pocahontas – Color of the wind
J. Bernardt – Wicked streets
Sheryl Crowe ft. Kid Rock – Picture
Nujabes – Lady Brown
Smoke of Oldominion – Supposed to be
Baby Bash – Suga Suga
Enya – Orinoco Flow
Breitbild – Nacht
Deep Purple – Smoke on the water
Louis Armstron – La vie en rose
Marek Grechuta – Dni których jeszcze nie znamy (days we don’t know yet)



PS: Happy Easter everybody !

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