…no fast-forward

Can’t help it, music runs the quarantine (too…). 😉

¿¿ Is this the real life, is this just fantasy ??

Days go by. It’s the 10th day of my quarantine. I could measure my typical day from the morning coffee through the “it just feels like coffee” cup to the afternoon coffee yet…



…believe me or not, but I know no boredom !


Of course I feel (no) good too..I wanted to look for..anything out there in the world which could tell me..anything about me. But well I suppose I need to look for it sitting… or lying.


Even though I’m sitting and sitting and it gets only worse out there, every day, every evening is different. Sometimes with Scottish folk music and sometimes with the beach boys… probably it’s the closest I get to the beach this year :O !! But still hope for some trip this year…well yes maybe to Scotland !

My first sketch was about me having no routine anymore and getting lazy and blah blah but like I mentioned it’s not so bad. I even wrote a song. YES!


And I have more trashy apps on my handy like the one with a catchy note… but well at least I could be slim shady for a second 😀

Isn’t it ironic.. the times I chose to travel.. maybe it was to be this way ! Is this fate? do you believe in this kind of stuff?

And I realized one thing.. it’s not just that I will jump on the first plane which flies anywhere.. THAT TOO. But also.. I will surely hate everything what’s online !

And everyone’s dream about being with their friends like Friends did, back then in 90s, will start to be the trend not only to watch it.. to live it! And I would like it !
Everyone is already now like.. Take me out!

And for the Friends haters….u gonna hate, and I won’t care.

So is this the real life? It’s definitely not fantasy…it’s just the new reality.
But I can’t complain ! And Aga seems to enjoy her coffee as well 🙂




Life’s a bitter sweet symphony…all we have is to wait patiently for the next episode…


…because as we can see not only will there be no rewinding…but also no fast forward

So play it as it is  😉








Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
The Offspring – Days go by
Gorillaz – Feel good
Eminem – Slim Shady
Alanis Morissette – Ironic
Franz Ferdinand – Take me out
The Verve – Bitter sweet symphony
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dog, Nate Dog.. – The next episode


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