The lockdown

so.. how you doin in your lockdowns? 😉

Netflix junkie? Master of the household? Or memes collector ?

Zrzut ekranu 2020-03-25 o 22.43.52

Nowadays we need some things to smile about, some jokes and a sip of normality.
Because what we know won’t come back anymore. For long our reality will be covered with uncertainty.

One moment the world spins too fast and the other bend under an enormous weight of a little tiny virus.

I realized how much freedom we had. 1,5h-long flight home, 30 minutes with the train to the next big city. Millions of plans, possibilities and now just boom. cut.


About a week and a half ago I was still eating lunch at a restaurant, well in front of it.. in the full sun, and all people, even though a bit anxious, still enjoyed their day. I also cherish the moment of playing frisbee at the river… all still quite normal. And then it came. One announcement after another. And here we go… Now I am sitting in a 14-day Quarantine after a special flight home organized by the Polish government. Talking to a pigeon on the balcony and report to the police that I am nicely sitting on my ass.


The world spins a bit slower now. I was about to travel to Cuba… already purchased a ticket..a visa, was about to prepare for further travels.. New York..Vancouver or Toronto..or both.. well. My travel guide will wait for another moment in one of the boxes I left behind…
Now I need to find another plan or at the moment have no plan at all and just enjoy it.


There are no planes to see at the sky, no lively bars to hear at night, no people to see freely walking on the street…


Maybe the world wanted to stop and no one allowed it so it stopped using its powers. Or it is really just the virus and we are lucky it’s not 16th century and all what we need to do now is..                                                      #STAYDAFUCKHOME 🙂

and in my case…write. So You will be hearing from me more often 😉

have a good lockdown guyyyzz !







Joeys pic Source; Youtube / Friends

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