No rewinding…

How Do You Do?  would Marie Fredriksson ask.

(RIP btw.)

I haven’t really been travelling lately…I wouldn’t count flying to Poland which is my home but maybe I should since it wasn’t completely leisure or family related. And after that who knows if and when I am going to travel again since we have kind of 21-st century breakdown and we all are pretty grounded.


But first..

This time, it was rather all about getting to know the backstage and staying focused on the task. While waiting for the zero hour, right in front of the stage I was watching all those girls almost crying, tattooed with some kind of his symbols, trying to get his attention and catch one of his flirtatious smile. Talking about Maluma (who by the way gives quite a show).


But no… I wouldn’t be one of them. My idols are mostly retired or dead so… 😉

It all starts on the ground 0, after the lift nr. 13 opens. It goes fast and it must be delivered. Lots of people, lots of tasks, lots of deadlines. Crazy. Crazy a lot. You can hear walkie-talkie all the Radio Ga Ga!

“Music is like magic…”

And I thought it’s amazing how music influences people. Or should I say how the artist influences people? Or both? Or is it the show he gives? Or is it the atmosphere which people bring with them into the concert hall? Or is it the songs, the lyrics we identify with?


Could you describe your state of mind with some tune? And right now give me more than a feeling with a song? When you are sad and some things are falling apart and there is no place to hide? Or when you are a one walking badass and could kick some mthrfckrs ?

Everyone has his or hers life soundtrack.


Life has its own. World has one too. You and I.

It’ll be OK (?)

I am no fan and frankly can’t list even one song of this band but the name would be quite accurate, taking into consideration what is currently happening in Europe..and all over the globe. So we definitely have Panic at the disco with the corona virus.


The panic is maybe a bit overrated but it might be serious…I am no expert but we probably can’t stop it, just slow it down. The question is do we know what apart from this virus flies around? There are still another ways to die. Or is corona virus kind of a celebrity among all other plagues? Whatever. Still, I am a good girl washing my hands till it hurts, trying to stay calm and wondering what is next since I’m kind of locked up and can’t even fly home.
I feel lucky here where I am though and hope for those who are not so much.



Meanwhile there are still other 99 problems… and where is the way through all of this madness? Violence, poverty, injustice, cold business, calculations, laws, rules, power… Sometimes what we do and what we can is not enough or too much and in the end all what matters is that you stay among shiny happy people on the social media. The other question is what happens when we turn off the light? 

I find myself a bit lost lately. I’ve spent all my years in believing you world! And?
No I am not complaining maybe I’m just a lost child in time.
Somehow I gotta feeling I’m not the only one.

But if you never try then you never know right ?

I believe that there is still kind of magic at least for one moment while the lights are on and the disco ball is spinning.




So till I collapse I’m standing.

Staying put and waiting for warmer days because we can’t do anything… there is no rewinding…



So.. to me and to y’all. Hold on.




The soundtrack:

Roxette – How do You do
Green Day – 21st century breakdown
Seal – Crazy
Queen- Radio Ga Ga
Boston – More than a feeling
Green Day- 21 Guns
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t stop
Jack White & Alicia Keys – Another way to die
Limp Bizkit – It’ll be OK
Jay Z- 99 problems
Kygo & Will Heard – Nothing left
Linkin Park – In the end
R.E.M – Shiny happy people
Nelly Furtado – Turn off the light
Coldplay – Lost!
Queen – Somebody to love
Deep purple – Child in time
Black Eyed Peas – I gotta feeling
The Faim – Summer is a curse
Queen – It’s a kind of magic
Eminem – Till I colapse
Limp Bizkit – Hold on

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