The other Island

Hello there. I was getting to it for like a month or so but I blame other travels which are to come. To plan something is a horror…How about just taking your backpack and go out? 😉


I’ve written about Sicily, the island which has it all.. and lately lots about snow, mountains and all the cold stuff so I thought slowly comes the time when we start to miss the summer scent, a proper amount of sun and some real numbers on the thermometer..


So now, a throwback to Sardinia, the other Island, where I met a lot of cats, some happy beer-folks, ate the best pizza in the world and.. well.. just read 😉

I would say Sardinia (Italy) is still this kind of a place to have some corners not completely explored and the best way to explore it is to ask locals, not google (thank God not everything can be looked up).

Shortly about the Island: small, rather oblong when we talk about shape and quite rocky at least at the coast.

I love this rocky part, enjoyed a lot of lonely hikes along the coast and..collect some stones which later got “faces”. Just like these in the street but I could take mine with me 😉


They were all over the street, and also lying there on the bench in the street and I thought that is a kind of souvenir I want so.. even without me knowing Italian and also not being able to communicate in english because they couldn’t understand I got my own “stone buddies” from one of the guy in the photo (kind of a local artist).


and after the whole trade in the sign language and a lot of “bella”, “birra” and such words they got me to drink beer with them 😉


From A…

So back to the first off the ship in Cagliari, got a cab and went to get a car. Cagliari – nothing special I must say. But we ate nicely and repeated some of the golden rules…

By the way, by car is the best way to see Sardinia since the public transportation is quite poor and inconvenient. And it is only 3-4 hours to get to the north. As I did and landed in Alghero which had nice beaches, bars and food. And You can feel Spanish influences…already reading Alghero feels Spanish but the fact is the Catalan language is still spoken there (one of the Spanish dialects). But for more info go to some history experts..or wikipedia, as you like. With hiking/climbing it started about there. Amazing walks from one little bay to another.. but it was just the beginning.


To the Z…

The best ever was Bosa, a tiny city in the 3/4 of the way down south. The previously mentioned city of cats. Adding to that also the city of colorful houses rising up the hill to fringe the castle in the end. And less crowded. Ok well it was September.



Bosa was a bit enchanted. Like in a slow motion, with lazy, wild cats all around..

the sculptor’s cats

..very narrow cobalt streets, people taking evening strolls to have a glass of Malvasia and taste of tiramisu…



I think though the best were the wild beaches and like I said already very rocky, almost cutting the skin rocks forming amazing cliffs, a bit forsaken because people stayed on the beach to enjoy swimming or sunbathing but since I am not a sunbathing-lying-down type, these cliffs gave me some freedom.



In the end there was Oristano. City itself ok.. but the most amazing were the outskirts where the water shades compete with the sky.




So.. Sardinia.. You literally ROCK(Y)ED 🙂







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