No ends no beginnings

And? Gained some pounds after Christmas? Or some wisdom after getting into 2020?


I gained a bit of both.. luckily not a lot of extra weight and probably not much of the other thing too but I guess in this harsh world You really need a bit of both to survive 😉

Yes I did run after my niece and couldn’t move after another piece of cake at my grandma’s but like always it was the best. Both don’t really go hand in hand but somehow they did. Christmas miracle. Thanks to my mum the table was packed with delicious food and thanks to my dad and his guitar kids were enchanted with Christmas carols.



There were some up and downs with my plans for the whole holiday period but I guess it’s better to leave them there in 2019 and go on. Still I don’t feel like there is a big red line which separate both years, wouldn’t make such a big deal out of all these resolutions and changes. 

Shortly about 2019: it was a year of half everything. Half-peaks, half-thoughts, half-smiles. I guess I leave my halves also behind me and go for the wholes. Wouldn’t say though it was a bad year. I think even the opposite. When I look at my photos I see some big smiles, cool places I’ve visited, hiking or at least attempts, some hard work and some challenges I did overcome. Survived and ready to go. I have no idea if this year’s going to be better or whatever. I can try though make it work for me. Ok blabla.. enough of this crap 😉

PS: with the half-peaks it’s no metaphor. Because of the weather or some other problems some summits are still to reach!


and now I tell You.. mountains are unpredictable. And this time too, they threw me back on my knees. I’ve heard once: You need to know when to get back otherwise you shouldn’t be hiking at all. But it doesn’t really matter if not all went as planned because I had some real workout, enjoyed the silence in the deeply white woods and some good traditional cheese from the region.. of course warmed up, with cranberries !

Food’s always good. And the atmosphere in the polish mountain shelters/hostels is unique. In each it is slightly different..sometimes chaotic, full of wanderers of all kinds, sometimes quiet, lazy.. like in the picture but one thing never changes- hot tea with lemon and occasionally raspberry juice.

When the shelter couldn’t be reached we needed to be happy about the one we found…and was also fun only the chair was cold and wet 🙂



There was my mum’s great apple pie, great people, great moments..
terrible whisky flavor but in a good company, crazy karaoke, beautiful, fragrant Christmas tree, mess everywhere after packing all the presents, “Home Alone” like always and.. I couldn’t want more. This was a happy year!

So have a happy, brand new twenty-twenty and hold on tight !



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