Green Christmas

Hello again 😉 I was thinking..  since I’m turning for the 15th time on my sofa to get really better and fit and the weather rather confirms the new trend which is green Christmas – white Easter, which makes it easier for all sickness’ to stay alive…I could do some writings and quickly go back to the Swiss winter wonderland. This tiny Switzerland never stops to surprise me.

Lately I could take Zermatt off my Swiss bucket list. But I can imagine, there are more places which are not as popular as this village and certainly less crowded (even though I had luck there…). I think I could lately mark some new, quite nice waypoints on my map…and have the feeling there are still some to explore. 😉



But about Zermatt.. since I am a hiking/mountains freak.. at least I would say so… Well my ice-axe is just waiting impatiently for the first use and my crampons are just burning somewhere in my wardrobe to get out on the wintry air and crush some beautiful icecap.


So.. going back to the topic – Zermatt do has some magic. A little cosy village with some quaint old buildings in this special for Switzerland style. Also quite funny is that the whole village is a car-free zone..ok not exactly because there are small… kind of golf carts to transport people, goods.. like tiny buses and taxis. Cute. Paradise for some eco freaks 😉


Traveled with rack railway and walked a bit of course to see the giant himself… the face of the very famous chocolate brand Toblerone 😉


– which, by the way, is not the highest in the Swiss Alps !
so after some touring…not really hiking but this time it wasn’t the purpose of the trip, the best thing was to lay down on the balcony with a cup of tea and soak up the sun. Sometimes it just needs to be pure laziness.


I must say…I was contemplating and truly enjoying but my feelings are nailed to the granite in Bernese Alps which are slightly north of the Canton of Valais, home of Matterhorn. Somehow in Zermatt I didn’t feel this greatness, I mean.. I felt the greatness of the “Horu” and the other beautiful Giants but I wasn’t close enough as the other times… The scale can be big but there must be some communication, agreement.


It was still magnificent though.


..some time ago I realized that I bought this postcard in some second-hand shop, still in the Netherlands not really knowing what or where Switzerland was and definitely not realizing that I am going to live there. Life.



So getting back to the green Christmas..



I wish You all well, wish myself well but first and foremost wish all those well who need it the most.

Take care.. in the end it doesn’t really matter if it’s green or white 😉



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