Long time before..

..I fly home to sit with my dad in front of the tv to watch some typical Christmas movies, help mum with preparing pierogi and finally sit with the whole family at the table to celebrate Christmas. Sit? wait… some small but loud members of this family will run around and give me probably hard time to catch up but that’s what I do sports for..I guess. I will love it anyway and I will ask myself why am I not there for always.


But meanwhile I am not just sitting and looking nice. I was lately even in Poland and took a C1 German exam but I am not so sure whether it went well or I will just cross my arms, thump my feet and say bitterly “no more”.



I’ve noticed that in Switzerland it needs time to open some doors. I mean people. I mean generally that something would open. Even me.



Bern like always amazing. Aarau like always Aarau. Cold, fairly noisy on an occasion. Usually quiet but this time even buzzing. There was a lot of laughter. If you could catch some laugh to a jar to open it when you get lonely and a bit grumpy, it would look like that. At least you can catch it with the camera and remember the moment. 😉



Leaves are falling, colours are slowly fading, people wearing warmer clothes, everyday the day is shorter.. is it already the time for some comforting Christmas songs?


Well, let’s see how Zurich is doing.. maybe a Christmas market? Or maybe instead of buying another shit I will just donate some money where it’s more needed. Still Gluhwine I won’t say no to 🙂 We all need some nice Christmas deco, lights..me too.. but I guess what we need is to realize how lucky we already are.

Less than a month to Christmas. Smell of mandarines all around us, all Christmas trees ready to shine, Advents Calendars ready to start.. and hopefully a lot of good thoughts and good deeds to spin around the world.


Ps. Even my neighbour surprised me positively. I guess christmas is almost all around us 😉

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