Where is this going

Before I write about Sardinia which was the original plan I wanted to write about the autumn and beautiful views, my grumpy mornings when it is dark till 8 am here in Switzerland and I feel like I would need some river of coffee to start my engine, and about my ‘weltschmerz‘ so my worldpain which I lately felt much stronger..probably because of those dark mornings. Where is this world actually going ?


right now at least I..am going right in the autumn and sometimes when the weather allows hiking…no surprise 🙂

Is the autumn a bit depressive or just because you throw yellow leaves into the air and take photos of that it’s the best?

It is both. I feel then like my year is running out again. But then I look at those pics and..ye it is the best. At least it suits mountains.


I guess it is true what they say about mountains that they are like a medicine for all the pain. The view cures your shit feeling while you sit on the fading grass, look into the open space in front of You and the muscle pain after hiking distracts You anyway from all worries. With no other words I leave You with my photos from a magical place in the central Switzerland, canton of Obwalden. I just wish to be there everyday. Or at least every week.





My Weltschmerz starts with the feeling that I don’t completely fit into this 2019’s world.  Technology lurks from every fucking corner. Fitnessplan on a special badge, smartwatch talking to my patients during the therapy, points in a basketball game written on a tablet not on a piece of paper anymore. Damn it. I understand tv, computer… internet but where is this going?

The other thing that scares me is not the global warming or even the plastic invasion on the oceans (ye well that too but thanks to Greta it’s gonna get better..) but lately ..how people treat animals. How can they sleep at night, having ordered some tests of some makeup shit on those poor guys.

So. I don’t know. My head is too small for that.

And the third is the music. I am not talking about the taste now. But come on. I would just love to go back in time to see some proper band live and be on a concert where people don’t watch it through the screen of their smartphone.

I blame the tech progress. I wish for myself to scroll less through facebook. I guess I can make it a challenge.

About my grumpy mornings.. well I probably have some iron deficiency. Better just take and watch some nice pics.



So anyway have a nice rest of autumn, enjoy fallen leaves and I’ll just try to ignore all of my frustration drinking another cup of coffee, study to my exam and write soon about beautiful Sardinia. And appreciate the good things about our cramped but still amazing world.




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