This Island has it all.


It is an island which actually shapes Italy in a proper shoe, without this island, Italy would be just a very small shoe… very sad, small shoe. Sticky shoe. Sicily laughs through all the chaos. It also suppose to be full of mafia but it doesn’t feel like it…probably the old Dons sit everyday on a bench, loudly complaining about today’s world’s order. Of course using hectically their hands. Very likely drinking espresso…or Moretti beer. Fortunately, I think…Mafiosos stay only on the cups, cards and magnets. But who knows.

I am so happy to have experienced Sicily far far away from the beach resorts. Pretty lucky to know someone who has Sicilian roots and family in the west corner of the island.

Thank You J and M and all Strasatti crew


After a very early flight I was dreaming of a proper (big) cup of coffee with milk… I have to say, I wish to know Italian (english is not so useful there). After explaining in english and my feet and whatever i could use to the waiter what I want, I got cappuccino which I am not fan of but contains milk so.. fair enough. Once I got a huge glass of milk with two small espresso cups to mix it on my own. Well..  since then I just sipped black, oily espressos.. with a pinch of sugar.

coffee = espresso


But not about coffee I wanted.. That I love hiking You can tell from my posts but in none of my wildest dreams I would have a volcano on my hiking list.fullsizeoutput_1b49



It wasn’t easy even though up to 2700 m we went with the cable car and a special off-road bus. But then when you go up to reach 3310 m the air gets thinner and the fumes bite in the chest… we all coughed badly I swear…by the way, 1 month earlier from that day Etna spew out some stones on fire… I guess I walked on a huge dragon waiting to set someone’s ass on fire. So cool.

fullsizeoutput_1b4aLooks pretty active to me.

This was an exhausting hike I must say. We burned our faces even though in was cold on top. I was so tired that so I went to charge my battery with espresso and wandered another half an hour to see some of Catania. In the golden hour time everything looks better but the city has the potential to win you over. A dash of oriental feeling, alleys full of restaurants and tiny coffee bars.

Stay in Catania was short but enough. I felt in love there with pasta a la norma. And since I am not really fond of trying new things and definitely can’t stand seafood I ate almost everyday A la norma. I could make a list with top a la norma dishes. 😀


The wild west.. 

But I guess only a la norma dishes are in NORMA 😉

On the way west, we encountered some…now funny but then real problems. It was a one tough journey…  I tell You, google maps got lost. Then directed us further…through a road which was good for a safari jeep not for a Fiat Panda. We were not the only ones who trusted google. The guy with a transporter in the photo had something to worry about.

looks better than it was.

Since then, we went only according to the signposts.

The struggle paid off and after another 1h we could stop to walk up the “Turkish Stairs” which some visit with dignity and glam like You see 🙂


and which are truly amazing and actually do deserve a moment.



Continued the road to arrive in a small village near to the city of Marsala which is quite nice by the way but what is better is just to sit outside after a tiring, hot day with a cold beer in your hand and laugh your ass of listening to L. Apparently you can win 1 kg of meat in a local Bingo game. And if the car shows you that it is definitely time to tank, it is still fine.. the car goes easily 30 km more. It is also good to have some petrol in the bottle on the front seat. Just in case.

She named the cat after chlorine bleach brand…

And then days went by….reading a book on a my favorite blue-orange balcony. Watching the moon taking the shift after the sun goes down.

20190911_184357Sometimes even lying on the beach, writing postcards…which by the way are a real graphic masterpiece.. 🙂


Wandering around on a local cram-full market… chinese clothes, german washing powders, sicilian food.
Imagine. People talking, discussing, shouting. You hear some honking. Actually a lot of honking. The essence of Sicily.


But time runs and the day has come to leave Sicily.

The very genuine, funny, chaotic Sicily where people still gather together to drink, eat, laugh, pray or just taking a moment. Where the time has stopped.



…where everything function SOMEHOW and always GONNA BE FINE. I love it.

Embarked a ship and.. sailed away into the night watching the lights of Palermo disappearing in the darkness of the sea.



PS: essential thing: be careful on the roads. Like CAREFUL careful 😉



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