Ja/Nein. Yes or No?

Yes or no?

No one wrote under my last post if it would be interesting to read a nice summary of a Swisslife but I take it as a YES and just carry on with my thoughts on this subject. You can find on wikipedia almost everything…political system, number of habitants and why the country domain is “.ch” but no one walks in my shoes so my story like every other story is different from others…stories. Well, here is to me and my 2 years here in the Switzerland.

after hike feet-wellness in cold, alpine lake- definitely recommended.

And since I’ve heard from one Spanish guy “Hey…you know..no one really knows what is Switzerland. It is a big mystery for everyone” I feel like my writing could be in some way interesting for some of You 🙂

The big plus

I’ve written already that the most positive thing about Switzerland is a big plus on their flag. In a different light it can also look majestic. Sitting at the Zurich airport, waiting for my flight to Valencia I sank into my music as always and as always observed people which is probably not the best feature of mine but I can’t help it. I also observed the airport which by the way is one of the worst in Europe when it comes to punctuality -YES in Switzerland when everything should exist according to a golden Swiss watch. At least that is what the morning radio news said. Strangely my flight was also 1h delayed. Funny but…not really. Anyways, then it came to me that my beloved big plus which I was kind of laughing about 2 years ago looks pretty dignified on almost every aircraft standing there politely waiting for departure.


Because you feel dignity and pride everywhere. Just like it should be in every country I think.

I like it

It must be generally positive here if the “Lykke” book, I told You about lately, names some rankings on living standards in Europe and Switzerland is almost every time in the first 3 or 5. But is it really like that? Who asks questions and who answers them. It is definitely one of the richest and the most expensive country…in the world? Probably. Of course it is not the most important thing but definitely makes the citizens feeling safe in a way. You could say… comfort zone right?


But it is positive really. Not because of those tones of gold in Swiss banks or whatever is kept there .. and to whom it belongs to… but because of the way people trust each other here. You can really leave a car without locking it and no one will touch it. I mean there are thieves but you do trust anyway… and from my experience (and I did also leave the key inside..) nothing happens.
You can also go to a Citygarden (Stadtgärtnerei), where by the way no one and if you didn’t take some coins with you to pay for ice cream (lying there calmly in the freezer) you can just pay next time… or make a transfer. Pretty relaxed don’t you think? When You come to an Openair cinema You get a pillow to sit on during the movie and after a box of cookies. Not bad.



For me it is also positive because I prefer Swiss-German than German, which is spoken here. After two years I can finally say I understand it quite good..at least here where I live. To be able to understand super-good the whole German-speaking Switzerland I would need to live in every German Swiss Canton so… not in this life I guess. But never say never. Anyway..It is not easy. Not mentioning other-language-speaking cantons…


The downsides

I ask myself how do they find consensus if there is a direct democracy over here. JA/NEIN. Swiss have constantly something to vote for..or against. Ja oder nein. Yes or no… I am happy not to do so. I am no political. I just can’t. I don’t discuss political stuff anywhere.. I know too little and it exaggerates always some fight. So… Well I am not Swiss, thank God.

Some are peeking and checking and talking and demand. Not everything can be perfect and always on time. And above all not everything can be evaluated, estimated and graded. You are not on time every time either.. and not predicting the whole world.


Swiss are funny. You can tell them openly that they are a very closed and not an always easy-going society and they happily agree with You but do nothing to change it. Ok, maybe for them it is all good I suppose. For me and for more people like me it is not really that cool. Just take my and my friend’s example (she lives here like…20 years): all of our friends here are not-Swiss or half-Swiss. Isn’t that sad? If I am wrong.. or unfair in any way…Let’s have a beer and talk it through.


More angles

But on the other side… at the karaoke one group of Swiss guys took me onto the stage to sing with them some complicated Swiss song…total strangers. Was that already alcohol that made them do it :D?

But the Nature here can make the day in one second. Once I am on my way to the mountains, my smile is getting wider and my ass hurts afterwards like hell.
I like to say.. You can’t buy happiness but you can hike so it is pretty much the same.


I wouldn’t come here on my own, just craving for a different life. That is for sure. I had one somewhere else and who knows I may still have it. But being here gave me some perspective. Some crazy nice friends. Some breathtaking hikes. Some beautiful photos to look at wherever I am going to be. Some cool events. Some pieces of happiness.


But forgive me. I can’t answer the question in the title. For me there is no Yes or No whether I want to be here..or whether I am happy here …or not. But I am. But there is something missing so I blame nothing and no one. It is how it is 🙂

And as much as I would love to write more..it has been already almost 1000 words.. and Switzerland is one big fuc*ing secret …obviously.. so have a good night… or afternoon or morning or… coffee… 😉









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