Bałtyk. Østersøen. Läänemeri.

I don’t really like the word ‘expat’ even though I am one right now. It is like I am something ‘ex’ to my homeland and I feel nothing like it.



When I was a child we used to go almost every year to the polish seaside. I learnt how to survive on a camping, how to jump high on the impetuous, baltic waves and even how to ride a horse. And I slept on the beach with nothing above my head.  I still remember the stars just in front of my eyes 🙂

After all this years I visited the seaside once again. Well at first it was Krakow but you’ve read that already. Another time. This time let me start from the end.

Baltic sea.

First of all I was surprised how fast you can defeat almost 600 km with a tiny Skoda Citigo which I totally recommend, especially when you’re up to find a parking spot..  not the whole way was brilliant though.. you can still find some  diamonds  on the road like a gas station in style of Michael Jackson’s thriller.

Anyway we got to Gdańsk. One of the three cities which kind of belong together : Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk. I think I was there once or twice but I didn’t remember any of it. The city is stunning really.

fullsizeoutput_1a7cI love the narrow tenement houses looking almost like in the Netherlands.
And the coffee place ‘Oficyna’ with the most amazing meringue cake with strawberries.
And also counting Swedish number plates on the way to Westerplatte and thinking about to ride with the bike to Karlskrone. Would be cool.



Like mentioned… we were all the time on the bikes. There is nothing better than sightseeing on the bike. Not only healthy but you can see as well stuff that you don’t really expect to see.  That is how we spotted 3 small kitties with their mom and got them some food. Or went out of the city to reach the beach and found a top cool komplex of bars made of… and located in old containers and surrounded but a crane-forrest which was really impressing and I would even say hypnotizing 🙂






After a vibrant 2 days in the city we were excited about our next place to stay- foreland Hel. Well it was kind of a hell for us. You better be very careful about booking stuff.. we supposed to have a nice camper in a surf village. At least it looked nice on the photos 😀 It was a disaster. The place looked so bad, was so small as for the number of campers, toilets were so dirty and the people which I imagined to be cool, loose surfers were surely loose but not cool at all. But You know what… that made us to go outside even more and enjoy the bright side. Again on bikes, made 15 km along the foreland to relax on the best polish beach I can remember with the clearest water ever.


Went back through the scented pinewoods using a 5 min stop to shoot some green photos.

and finally ate a pizza on the beach watching the best movie “The sunset” and enjoy the waves colored by the falling sun.



We spent minimal amount of time in our great camper and got up at 4am to watch this time “The sunrise” and slept a bit in the sleeping bags.


Visited Gdynia on the way, ate some good food there and head up to our deliverance place – Gdańsk again to eat good and despite vacation have also some busy time walking all around, even dropping by on a latino guy concert who we didn’t even recognized earlier.

I had a great time to be honest. I would also give some credits to a book which I was reading through this time : “The little book of Lykke” by Meik Wiking which I recommend from my heart to everyone.

And to the sand-wind coming down from the blue skies.



Poland has definitely a lot to offer. In the European scale it is a huge country (with a lot of nice places)… for sure in the scale of Switzerland 😉

Ahoy !


PS: Krakow my dear, thank you for an old guitar which supposed to be a decoration but worked and played some songs, in a bar, with good people.


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