better the good

About people and surprises  -> The good and the bad “in de Schweizerland”😋


whats golden

During my 30 min talks with my patients I hear and learn a lot of stuff. I feel sometimes like psychologist, best friend, doctor, priest…. or whatever I am to be. Sometimes it definitely annoys me and I turn off my hearing but sometimes I get also some useful input and, above all, hiking tips which I absorb like a sponge ;). They all live in the least mountain region of Switzerland but all of them cannot shut their mouth on this one.

Sometimes I hear about how cruel the system and the reality here in Switzerland can be. They also talk about themselves and are very much aware of some character flaws they have (in general) as Swiss… and I am kindly NOT denying 😉


There is also some stuff I would never wish to hear. Some cliches about my country or other bullshit-kind-of-shit..sorry guys. GET OUT.

Other times though… I get positive vibes and experience nice gestures which makes the work tolerable and smile-worthy.




Well anyways! To the point..  I wanted very much to hike again-that’s why I induce those tips about trails but the weather here has not been very optimistic lately so my plans got postponed. I wrote too early about it last time I guess.


Instead…I got surprised again. Big time surprised we are talking here. Through some chain of coincidences I found myself on a silent disco on roller skates!




The place is going to be demolished because it is just to old to stand, so a local Theater-group or an art-project (HMM? Well I am not quite sure who but I would tip this person right away) created this event to say goodbye to the building.




About the building: Previously it was a stable. Yes. Even kind of a stables complex. Lately- a spot for various performances. In the yard: posters on the walls, horses masks hanging (from the latest show), light chains and a lot of people. Inside of the smaller stable a house party, inside of the bigger one roller skates rink!

Stayed till 2 am.


I must say I’ve never experienced such thing. I know you could say… well all right, some old school disco with the “silent” modern addition but just imagine something so easy brings you way back to the 80s or other “music times”… in some other dimension. And all that with the huge disco ball hanging there and shining, with the coolest roller skates in zebra and with the “I love Rock’n’Roll” on..


So… thanks for that, and for the very cold, clear water which looks like you want to dive in but then it burns…freezing! And for the afternoon with this Belgian waffle.







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