Iunius, Czerwiec, Juni, June, Junio… -30 days.

I love June because that is when the summer is really coming – still not completely there but timidly heating up the air; annoying all allergy sufferers, including me; allowing to enjoy eating and chilling outside..





I love the evenings when the golden sun slowly goes down, lying gently on the still juicy green grass.. Born in June, my time. But this year it’s started better than I could have imagined. Right. I don’t remember every June and how it normally starts but this time launching into the next half of the year was already like one of the best birthday presents I could get.

I  once cited memes saying that no one really knows a lot about Switzerland but it has a big plus on the flag so it is enough. I have moments when I think that it is the only positive thing and frankly not enough… I am sorry guys, no offend, but it is how it is -from time to time, of course. BUT! (I like BUTS like this ;)) This time and also lots of times lately this country proved and proves me that it can be better.


And the weather finally came along.


What made my last days pure golden was seeing this smiley person and spending some time with her.


I was quite flattered hearing the question from the half-Italian pizza guy if we were sisters 🙂





We did at this weekend so many kilometers walking all around that some fancy intelligent watch would explode measuring them I guess.


It was one city tour and only 30 degrees which felt like 40… so we really deserved some treats at Zürisee. Some people took the cool down very seriously and got into water-still not sure if it was on purpose or a fail to try only to wet only their feet a bit.



If it comes to treats in Zürich…I totally recommend Brisket (Pfingstweidstrasse 6) if you are there and crave for some good smoked meat 😀


There was some hiking too… a bit hot but in the end it is what June does.


on the right Brienzer Rothorn

So I guess we deserved some treats once more


and some cool down.. swooping into the 15 degrees cold mountain lake (Brienzersee) did the job quite WELL. Like after the sauna – cold shower does.




Only 3 days to the next hike.

I’m starting to measure time in hikes.. oh sweet mother of god.




PS: Thanks to the kind Latvian girl from Brisket who’s boyfriend “looks” at her from the PRIME TOWER Restaurant. And to the half-Italian guy for giving us a discount on pizza and a very Spanish feeling. And Buch Brocki where You can find good stuff. Und fuer die Berge.

Schoeni Abig 🙂IMG_7648

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