Mountains are calling

Since I was hiking yesterday and cannot stand or walk properly I am writing a short post. 😉 I sometimes underestimate Switzerland. It is said that, there is only cheese and chocolate and golden watches but don’t forget about mountains. I guess mountains are my second love after sailing… precisely Tatra Mountains but I think it’s time to explore Alps a bit more.



So the thing is I can’t show You much… the weather conditions were miserable and snow still covers some parts of slopes but as long as it’s not going to rain there is a green light to go. I didn’t reach the peak because of the snow but mostly because of the lack of the spikes to get through it but it was still a beauty.




It feels like..well a kind of a freedom- to stand under the mountain, start to walk and just chase your own limits. I have definitely ran out my limits and overdosed the speed which I had on the way up and definitely on the way down… but next time I solely swear to hike well because.. more trails are coming😁. Very soon.



Now excited checking out the trails instead of doing something I really should I leave You with my words and wish you a pleasant evening.




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