Spring be like…


And again at the airport, again a tiny tear and the feeling which tells you that you should stay… 

But life goes on.

I always say that I have no vacation when I fly home, to Poland. There is always so much to do.. visit grandparents, go to the doctor..


This time wasn’t different but you know, that is what it is. What matters. Quality time came along.


A good coffee to begin on the 3rd May, Constitution Day with this young lady. And then off we go.

The season for weddings of the people in my age has started. It was the second time in the last 6 months and it is not over… next are coming 😮 I cannot believe they are all so adult.

Dancing, sitting, eating, repeating. Looking amazed at the bride’s dress. Rethinking your life over a third or fourth glass of wine.



I could say that I also wore white this time..  a very cold white 😀

Photo D

We are no highlanders but if you ask where Cracow is a lot of people living there would shortly say: near to the Tatra mountains. For us 2h away is near, in Switzerland it is already a half of the country. But anyways, we prepared with D solely over a glass of whisky which we didn’t enjoy really but it was in the cupboard. We knew the conditions in the mountains were doubtful but decided to go. Eventually the avalanche warnings changed from 3 to 1.


So we went. It was 100% regular winter there. At this time, it should start to melt already but well.. it had an undeniable charm just the way it was. 

mountain shelter in Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich- I guess my favorite 🙂


Even well prepared we had quite a hard time getting to the mountain shelter.. but there were better than us with no spikes or hiking sticks…only very flat fancy shoes. They did it but the struggle was big. Well.. no one would care except the rescue team which needs to react if such idiots stuck. 

After the first trail was no chance to go further… snow storm came and forced us to eat something delicious, drink something hot and play some board games… Quality time 100 %. Internet was hardly available.. it could also be none.



The next day brought some hope that we would actually hike a bit. After 30 minutes we reached the first sign which you reach normally in 5.. You can imagine our “walking” in the snow. Just look closely at D. in the title picture…



Didn’t give up but every minute checking the conditions we went further. We got some reward on the way… a little of sunshine. You could put it into a 0.5 l bottle but for me it was all i needed back then.

Lake view 😀

And then the other reward. Hot tea and frozen chocolate bar 🙂



Precautionary decided to go down. With the weather there you never know. You can stuck in the fog not being able to find the shelter.



We had views, some white happiness and some friends on the way. It is enough 😉




…never too much of Kraków

Came back to the city.. into spring but still a bit cold spring. But it doesn’t matter, as long as you have good people around and tasty baked piece of bread with some toppings on it at 11pm. Zapiekanka na Kazimierzu – if you ever gonna be there 😉



“Gdzie wiosna spaliną oddycha..”

Ale bzem tez.


Where spring smells like traffic fumes… but like lilac too.



Some photos thanks to D. One of my quality time drive.



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