side to side

I was there when I was 16 and I only remember a breakfast containing of biscuits, jam and chocolate cream… Where could that be…

We actually went to France but France for me begins already in Switzerland because only 2 hours away from where I live they all speak french! Don’t fool yourself, english is not very welcome there 😉 We went through Lausanne (still Swiss), Montreux (still Swiss) to Thonon Le Bains (French) and further, along the lake to arrive again in Switzerland in Geneva. I have the feeling Swiss people just came and bought pieces of France like in Monopoly. “Oh well, we don’t need this piece but Geneva would be great” 🙂 I didn’t spot Mont Blanc but we had some other amazing views.



In Lausanne everything is perfect and with the good weather you could even say shiny golden. I haven’t been to San Francisco but somehow the hilly streets looks alike.


The water is clear blue and you can spot random Aston-Martin parked on a very proper pavement next to colorful flower-beds. 5 stars from Michelin.




With the language you can’t really feel the boarder but you can easily notice it with the sudden change in road conditions… (I don’t really need to say how, do I?) Fine by me, as long as we can get to our airbnb in a tiny village somewhere there in France. People also change after crossing the boarder, suddenly brave to overtake 4 cars at once.


Wait.. just before France we had a pizza in the best restaurant. Here Michelin would run out of stars. We got it in a kebab place in Montreux and ran fast to the table that it wouldn’t get cold and also shared with some flying locals.


We couldn’t stop the sun from getting down so just caught it once more on the other side of the lake



Then was Geneva on the bike.



We also faced a tiny tiny fear of heights in Gorges du Pont du Diable in La Fernaz going down a river canyon. Would be cozy if not looking down through the stairs.






and then…

finally just sweet nothing. 😉



well actually deserved coffee and crêpes


À bientôt

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