Going after the sun

Because of moving, there was no time to write. I moved two doorsteps away but still… it takes a lot of time to pack all the things you have.. and couple of minutes to notice and eventually to start complaining that you have too much. Well here I am.

In the meantime, I also visited my home-city. It’s a pretty extraordinary place. It’s true, we have some air pollution there… but it was already present when I was small, just not as publicize as it is now. I cross my fingers to make it better though because of my family and generally people there, children in particular.. Meanwhile, I spent some time to look at the positive side. 😉



And found a lot of sun 😉




It also brings me back to the time when I was living there, to what I’ve experienced.

Photo by Maciej Bernas

For me it’s just my place, with a bridge under which I was drinking some beer with some guys chilling in the late sunset…(Btw, You can’t drink legally in public, green spaces but as long as you are not caught… 😉 Or were I was stuck in a bus for 45 minutes. Just being on mercy of faith to get somewhere…

Where just cruising late with the car through the city was a proper idea.

Exploring the vibe.



Where lots of people struggle with some abnormalities of a normal life but in the end everything functions. Probably must..



Where the river flows and will flow.

Where I still want to measure my time with the quality of the moments I share with people. Will that be still possible with the time?

Less is more they say.

Photo Aga Cz.

That was a good coffee.



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