Hi again.

I like white winter, you?

Not everyone has it though… I also don’t have it really because the part of Switzerland where I live is rainy…foggy and not cold enough for snow to stay for longer. When I travel to places where snow covers cars so much that You may not see yours after going out of the shop after you did some groceries, then I just wish to be there for the whole winter…

This time Graubünden which surely doesn’t lack in snow…..  in the neighborhood of Austria.

I also wish to live in a cosy mountain cabin and have a cup of a warm sweet cocoa everyday! Who wouldn’t 😀



We established that it doesn’t really matter if you ski, sledge or just walk around in snow it is always fun apart from when someone has no gloves or hates winter… or his pants are already soak wet from the snow fun !


For us it was like when we were just kids. Even if it is only for a day or two.. It is like a springboard from a real hard life.

And a good opportunity to take some photos 😉


a creep



And to see how the sunlight plays on the snow 🙂















And just to enjoy the moment.


In the end….life is too short to be unsmiling 🙂




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