My corner

The time jumps, flies and runs away. What if you could go back for a moment and feel the smell…of fishy water of the lake or a smell of your jacket one day after a bonfire? Doesn’t appeal to You? Well then You don’t know Mazury.



There is a very magical place in the north-east corner of Poland – Mazury. I mean it. Even if the weather is shit. Or the way there takes 9 hours and You spend there only 2 days. You find your way to get there eventually, always. For ever phenomenal.



It is a still quite rural and not very wealthy land. You can meet cows on the meadow and an old woman in a crappy house which sews sails and does other sewing jobs to get some penny. Which is happy giving someone a piece of cake and a typical scalded coffee in an old fashioned glass cup not waiting for something in return. Who after dawn gives You a torch that You won’t get lost because she heard a story about a girl in your age who was stabbed in this very town. Creepy…

Where everything is easy.

photo : Maciej Bernas

It is also a place where the night meets the day in June. You drink another beer after midnight but it’s not worth to go to sleep because it’s almost daylight.

Where the lake is once still as a mirror and once gives you hard time with the wind and rain. Where You think You can fool a shallow, but it makes a fool of You 😉



Where You have the respect for the weather and the nature. Where You appreciate it more than anywhere else.


Where sometimes your clothes and towels are so wet that You can’t use it anymore but You smile anyways.


Where You eat stuff in powder and its delicious 🙂




Where miracles happen.. 😀


Where after a 10-day cruise You are happy to get in the shower at home…but on the other hand you will miss every sunset..


“Daylight come and me wan’ go home…”


PS: Yes, I mention You ! You old seagull..


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