Further with the wind no.2

No. 2

Off we go. Since I am going now back home for Christmas (written on the Basel airport), it’s a good idea to continue with the way back to Poland from Denmark 😉


After a brief sightseeing, we needed to get on board and sail on. Then it started… The weather got quite bad, also the wind… it got stronger and even in the night when I didn’t have my shift I couldn’t really sleep because some of those up there were screaming … 27..no 28 and it is rising!… I was also slowly turning into a walking dead because of the sea sickness.. It was not terrible but quite bad because I couldn’t eat properly..not even talking about cooking or writing down the coordinates in the cabin.fullsizeoutput_ccc But didn’t loose any liquids… if you know what I mean…sorry for that comment but it is like that on the water! 😉


There was another very small village…island where we stopped for some technical stuff and then sailed on… 


Nowadays every boat has GPS but I find it so cool to sail with the stars… I had a night shift on the steering wheel and I remember it perfectly because of the night sky full of stars and some small light points on the horizon – some ferries, petrol tankers or whatever.. who would know…

No photo here. Use your imagination 😉

It was so quiet, only water and stars. That was the only night I remember with a decent, not a jiggling wind on our way back.. 

About the wind. Once it cost us another stop, quite unpredictable because in Sweden which we didn’t mark on our “to go” list. Guess what, we needed to sew our sail because the wind torn it in some places. I observed it more than I helped but bringing coffee, beer and snacks could be also a kind of a help 😉


We found another good photo spot. Up the hill, in the setting sun on the tiny Swedish island.


 We looked into the distance, managed the damages and went on.

What was definitely planned, was Helsingborg and Copenhagen.. couldn’t miss this one!



Where postcards are, so am I.. and Asia apparently too:)

The weather still didn’t go easy on us. We wanted to sail another route but at last decided to go more inland. We had also a short story with the windmills. I’m siting there, attached to the safety lines and suddenly hear „S/Y Goleniow, S/Y Goleniow, over”. Or something like that. It turned out that we were too close to the windmills farm and they needed to escort us around it…which cost us some hours… but we landed safely at the coast of Germany again.


That is it.. I suppose. What I can say – don’t do it if you want to relax on your vacation. Not an easy stuff. Or if you have problems with big waves, water all over you, rain and such. But do it if You want a real adventure!

Ahoy and..

Merry Christmas everyone!


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