Further with the wind

Ok, a little break from the overwhelming time of upcoming Christmas. Like I wrote in  my last post I was in Denmark. It was a while ago. This time a proper storytelling with photos so surely more in the topic of my blog. Didn’t I tell You? Yes, I sail and it is… simply the best.
So… sails up!

Part 1. Way up

It wasn’t a conventional trip because I sailed there with my friends. From Poland through Germanyfullsizeoutput_bf8.jpeg to Denmark, destination: Skagen.
Maybe You know this brand of watches 🙂 ? But no I didn’t buy a watch. We barely had time to buy any souvenir or see anything. On the way up we had surprisingly good weather which is not always good at the Baltic Sea.. it meant for us no wind… so we carried on slowly…mostly with the engine on.. sometimes something happened like a porpoise showing itself on the surface of the water… or extremely fast object on the GPS Screen…


It should crash with us judging by the speed but it wasn’t even on the water… a Coast Guard  helicopter- such a relief.
We even put on our bathing suits…fullsizeoutput_bcc

From time to time sang some shanties…


The worst was surely getting up after 4 h sleep to take over your shift… positiv : sunrise.


Ok. We stopped in some small ports (1-2 😀 ) and took a 15-min. walk.. tanked the yacht, cooked, sat on a concrete warf, wrote some postcards. fullsizeoutput_bfa.jpegBy the way did You know we needed no stamps to stick on the card, only a stamp belonging to the boat the one you tack down on the paper. It said posted at high sea or something. Good for us taking into consideration we would have no time to buy them and also at the hour like we used to come to the port would be anyway too late 😀





here in Grenaa : PS: No filter at all.P1180127.JPG

The night meant for us go out into the sea and fight with very different weather and what was more important wind conditions.

Finally got to Skagen.. fighting with time we went quickly to see a.. for me You could say miracle.


On the very top of Denmark and like 2 km from Skagen (which You see on the pictures because our way got a bit longer finally feeling a bit of loose 😀) there is a place called Grenen. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea are meeting but not mixing. They create waves which are coming back. They just don’t mixed. It is scientifically explained ( You can google it..) but it makes me wonder.fullsizeoutput_c01 Me and my friend came there after a dawn but was still magical. 😉 all You can see is glares from our sailing jackets but in the background I assure You is the sand spike and two meeting seas.





To be continued 🙂

PS: Would be too long, too many photos at once. Look out for Part 2.. soon.




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