First: I decided to write more often, not only if I have a story or some nice pictures… well it is the best but I won’t jump now to my Africa trip or to another place I’ve been. I mean, I am doing it too anyway because it was the first idea to show You places I’ve seen… but I said, why not taking pictures like right now, of everything I have around? Ok, at work I definitely can’t but apart from that…

Second: Outside is so terrible..windy+rainy, that it will be about the inside this time.


Third: Ok, let’s go. I went through my pics from like more than 5 years ago and it came to me that I’ve been to Denmark. Well I know I’ve been there but to think about it is something else. And the second thought was: Scandinavia is a place where the word “Hygge” comes from. I’ve red a book about “Hygge” so I can shoot with some general ideas what is “Hygge”. So it means more or less coziness, good mood or comfort. Well maybe you know or not but some words in some languages don’t have an equivalent word in other languages and that is why you need to improvise to explain. I don’t think “Hygge” has also a polish equivalent.. but German does : “Gemütlichkeit”. Ok maybe “Przytulność” would be something similar in Polish but still not the same I guess. All in all this word should be also happiness. At least the book says so (“The little Book of Hygge” Mike Wiking). Maybe I shouldn’t try to explain if I am not an ethnic Scandinavian but it’s just for a blog purposes.

So I have a room and in this room has changed a lot since I’ve moved in. I like “Hygge”, not because it got so popular and I need to or something but it is just so essential. It has so many faces that you don’t realize at first but when you read about it it’s getting so clear. Let’s take a light. It is quite important. In every shop now, probably worldwide, You can find Christmas lights hanging on the door frame or whatsoever. It is marketing of course but it gives a nice feeling too. How You imagine summer with no sunny day.. or a Christmas tree without lights? Or a birthday cake without candles? Or your room without a lamp, or in case of no electricity situation, a candle or a torch? I can’t. You can have a cake with no candles, I know, but it won’t be the same. The room without a light is more extreme so take that. At first I had only a reading lamp and a normal one on the ceiling. fullsizeoutput_a68

On the way I got myself some candles of course. But to feel even brighter I bought last year at about the same time small light chain in the shape of snowflake. Maybe because I felt a little in the dark… Then once I went to Ikea which means: “I-almost-can-not-go-out-without-buying-something” thing (which is not the best feature of mine by the way!). This time it was a small bed lamp. Because I said.. I can’t read in my bed before sleeping. Then without no reason or need I bought light-balls chain for my wall.



As You see my lighting evolved. Why? I don’t know, maybe again it was marketing that made me buying all of the lights but maybe it was a need to feel more cozy and comfortable in my room. It means I guess.. “Hygge” itself.

Now I am just moving my lights around, adding some DIY stuff, putting from time to time  a new candle in the candle holder when it’s finished.. and the time runs in a cozy way.

keep calm and DIY


I also try to get some inside light again into my soul because sometimes I have the feeling that it runs away fast if you don’t care about it..

So.. what I’m saying is…

Deep thought number 2 : don’t just buy lights…candles, lamps or whatever. Try to be a light yourself. Try to give something instead of taking or buying. Maybe try to find some more light inside of you.

That will help you to get “Hygge” even more than any light around you.

to be continued 🙂

PS: this one is dedicated to my brother who encouraged me to write more. Thank You.



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