Vacaciones en España

It’s been a while…
I like this song by the way. Is it yet the time to make some throwback?

We are heading to Spain… on the way I also hit Poland and on the way back too but about that later.


first..Well you can speak English to the people and you get answers in Spanish.

second: you can’t leave your stuff unattended because for sure in Barcelona you’re lost.

always guard your stuff

third: everyone love Tapas, me too


fourth: there is no such thing “I’m in Spain so no rain”. We had some pretty grey days there…even in Valencia when it’s more likely that you get this 99.9 % of the sun.


fifth: the watermelon becomes your meal of the day


sixth… well I don’t know but I felt so old when we hit some parties with my 18 year old cousin and they were just hitting clubs where they get some free drinks… and we wanted to dance….you know some latino-hits… I wouldn’t say no to Enrique..
finally we got Spice Girls… ok after 2 Gin&tonic I had definite fun with “I wanna I wanna I want realyreallyyreallyrllrly… ”
PS: well I also have fun to that with no gin and no tonic…


We loved guacamole in a xxl box but what was even better.. on the way back from the beach (of course with our bikes.. what do I want if J. bikes from Switzerland to Spain) and we saw.. HEY ITS A GOOD STORY HERE: so we see this restaurant and it doesn’t look so fancy and so big but nice. Then we check it inside and decide to come later after we get rid of some sand from allover.. so we come to eat at 21.00 and everything is full :O ! but no-one leaves it like that if you feel it in your bones that this one is special. Someone leaves and I jump to the table. We wait and the waitress comes. What she brought was definitely not a menu but a piece of paper like from the cash register… with of course lots of Spanish words on it. Damn it. They had lots of stress so we wait. I said whatever..but J. got some nerves. She comes back and the same story.. we in English she in Spanish so quite a flop. I heard another waiter speaking English so I hit there and ask IMG_20180908_214621him to translate this tiny Spanish words… it worked out in 50% because I understood that there are for sure mussels which I can’t stand but we manage to ordered Patatas bravas so potatoes from the pan and Bastones Berenjena so pieces of the eggplant fried with some honey on it. OMG it was the best that you could wish for… ! fullsizeoutput_471
So one to another we decided to reserve a table for the next day. Spanish rookies come home and instead of sleeping, check this priceless piece of paper for the names of dishes and wrote on it what will they take the next day. We come there at 20.30 very happy and so confident like never before… there she comes again.. and dadadadam….. the “receipt” so the menu turned out to be different. Even more rookie than a rookie 😀 well we found the same stuff as the day before anyways but it wasn’t enough … the waiter guy comes and want to take our order and he started to laugh so bad..we didn’t cover or hide our rookie evidence (the “menu”) from the day before.. 😀 ok maybe its funny only to me but YOU better learn Spanish if you want to eat something !



I liked Valencia more because its not overflowed yet with so many people and you can get good coffee in a good price and good local food like in the story above and it’s maybe not so old and worth seeing like everyone says about Barcelona but being modern is a plus…take for example Museum of Science!


But I can’t say that Barcelona is worse… not at all…  they have for sure NBA Cafe what pleads in favor of this city.. 😀fullsizeoutput_4a2

And it is just so vivid and bright..

but for sure don’t come to check out Sagrada Familia… we need to wait still some years to see the final result..


Adios ! 🙂

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