Vacanze in Svizzera

I hope I got it right in Italian. It says Holidays.

No surprises, it’s still gonna be about Switzerland. Yes, that’s what Svizzera means but Switzerland in a headline again would not be so much advertising. Why again?
Because it’s amazing how this tiny country can surprise and because I came here exactly a year ago. Not really on purpose but now I could name a purpose to stay 😉


I think I’ve mentioned already that Switzerland has like millions of cantons and very different people and three formal languages and so on. This time I finally could explore the Italian one. And now I am also rookie of photography with my new camera so I take pics everywhere of everything so this post will be overloaded with them. Couldn’t resist.

And I really did bike up the mountain that is over 2000 m high. I am still asking myself how. 😀

So at first as my book “Live this book” recommend, I just got on a train and decided to lost myself in some city. After not even 3 hours way with my nose sticked to the window
(because of views on Alps and crystal clear lakes) I was in a completely different world.

In the strongest sun went with the cable car up the Monte san Salvatore, top of Lugano.
I literarily burned like a popcorn without watching over it but it was so worth it.


I must admit it, I’ve only been to Italy for skiing so I can’t compare but You have the feeling so my feeling says it is kind of Italian-brasilian-spanish type of place. And espresso is way cheaper and.. better. And people speak Italian and I find it so amusing. They suppose to speak both, German too but the plan not always works out I guess 😀

It was nearest I could get to Italy without crossing a boarder and must say bellissimo!

My next stop in my 5 day-Vacation was Andermatt in Kanton Uri. Still German this time 🙂 Well we went low-cost and only two days but it was perfect. Low cost as for Switzerland could be because we slept in the car and ate mostly on tables of Mother Nature. It was so much better than any 5-star Hotel in the World.


Then we used the rain time to get with our sleep-bus little bit higher in the mountains and waited until it’s stops. We also met Mr. Tobias the Fox but he wasn’t very keen on talking and getting know each other.

Zrzut ekranu 2018-07-31 o 22.38.32
So we did some more pics, ate burgers -this time luxurious and instead of witnessing some local reaggeton party went to pump up our 5-star mattress…after some inconvenience we made it and faced some cold in the night. But what a morning!



We made more animal friends on our way…










Then needed urgently sun, at least my feet did.. so we found some sunny spot and ate our 5-star breakfast :>

But it got better and better. I really climbed up the mountain with my bike. And it was one of the best thing ever…

It is a bit like sailing once you give effort and go upwind but then it’s rewarded and you just go down so with the wind.. only not so easy, and in reality against the wind because it’s quite fast and cars, heights and fragility of the bike don’t really help. But I put my worries aside and took my bike for a real spin 😀

Anyway it’s still some cantons to see… but on the horizon some other trips to some other places including my home city so maybe I will finally write something about that?

To all Swiss people happy rest of 1st of August, to all Polish people remember about those who on this day 74 years ago were fighting for a bigger cause.

Buonasera. Thank You goodbye.




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