Swiss dream no. 3 summer edition

Swiss dream no. 3. What one can write about one place for the third time?

I don’t know but there will always be something. Like about fields of gold! actually of sunflowers but what’s the difference:)? Oh no, there are still fields of grain..



summer vibes.36910886_1899055046800396_481141422116831232_n.jpg


Should I write about Meter-Pizza (here is only 50cm..)36921031_1899051650134069_6286358414985527296_n.jpg..which is too good, of course it’s an Italian pizza. Or about my great birthday when I got a coffee to my bed A COFFEE to BED. It’s like chocolate chocolate 😀 And a mini longboard and now I’m rollin’ so fast.

Or about World Championships when every potential winner won’t be a winner anymore and the Swiss guys are not too Swiss but that knows everyone. They had more fans from other countries than they had from Switzerland.. like those two guys in the coffee place who had asked me why I am for Sweden, then they asked me where I am from… and then so quietly that I could hear it added: “what has Sweden to Poland ?” … I should say maybe IKEA? ( I had another answer but I can not here…)

Or about so everyday different sunsets saw from my window..36894355_1899054800133754_8251384099835478016_n.jpg

Or about that one string in my guitar just broke so I write this post.

I like the river and swimming in it in my socks.
I like storms so spectacular with so huge lightenings 36923535_1899051606800740_8654260875537940480_n …that even such a greenhorn of photography like me could take a picture of it with my phone.





It’s just a very quick post
and rather quick made photos
maybe I will find something on my way to Italy in next few weeks to tell You about 🙂


PS. It is probably to late to read it but still was nice to write



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