Swiss dream no.2

After ours ups and downs in the Eastern Europe came the time for a stable time in Switzerland. So like I said Swiss dream No.2



What I really miss from the stuff that were stolen is my passport.. not because I need it as a document but I had a stamp from South Africa. That I can’t bring back anymore.

But, forgotten and the lesson learnt and hopefully I can get my new one to have some new stamps. Materialist. Or nostalgia?

In this post won’t be lots of revelations. People come and go. People ask if I like it here better now after some months… people say good morning a lot. And they complain if You don’t do this a lot as well. 😮 I mean it’s nice but sometimes can drive You crazy. The very best words for it are…painfully correct.

Like I mentioned in the post about Switzerland they have more than one formal language so on the street You hear sometimes French, sometimes Italian and lots more because the variety of nationalities here is quite big. Anyways I found my favorite Italian restaurant where once I had a feeling of integrity with 3 or 4 Italian, 60 yrs old guys during sipping my espresso. It needed one moron with a big shiny car and very loud music, coming from it, to pass and we all together had the feeling to say something like Italian ‘f*ck’ with a dose of facepalm…-> vaff*nculo. Just saying.. I’ve learned it in Holland. ;P

Anyway,  I started lately to like it here… even though my initial reflections about Switzerland seem to be heard on the streets like “Swiss people are ‘specific’ “, “the city is dead, especially on Sunday”. But till now I’ve experienced this small city, I live in, a bit more and I really like it. In comparison with Cracow it’s really small and.. well in the beginning maybe specific…but now quite special.


You are in 10 minutes in the center with the bike (7 with the racing bike :D) so I really appreciate it.

Just a tipp: don’t come to Switzerland to learn German. I’ve done lately C1.1 which already was problematic because of the quality of the teachers…now I need to pass B2 because of work legislation where B2 Exam is required and I wonder then how I did it the last couple of months (with B2 already learned in a school in Germany), talking with patients and doctors not just about the weather here…don’t ask me where is the logic. Anyways about the language…when native-born Swiss guys tell You they would even had problems with passing B2 then You know the problems are just gonna be bigger 😀 there is also no logic in this part of a post sorry guys. 😀

Well, lately the place really brought me on hold. I supposed to be in Amsterdam and then on my way to Brussels but the destiny was to stay and now even to be sick, laying down in my bed, watching once again Friends with a cup of cacao. The plan ended in a failure due to French traffic control (guys went on a strike). I have managed only to get to Basel Airport and back to my city. Shit happens. I really wanted to eat a warm stroopwafel but I like to be here too and maybe it supposed to be !

Anyways now we have the Fifa World Cup so even donuts are like go-Switzerland! 35528657_1863539050351996_6105511081751347200_nso positiv ! But I still stick to my strong polish team :>


So instead of a post about going back to my beloved Netherlands I wrote some ordinary post about everyday life in Switzerland. But I guess life is not all about Instagram and making more out of something it’s not really that big right?

Small, normal things count too.




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