Swiss dream no.1

hi everyone, if someone is still reading it 😀

I wasn’t here for a long time (this time I mean is it that that months are running like crazy??) I guess it is a good sign that I didn’t have time to write. Now when spring is coming or is already here… and so many things happened, I could knock together some words.

I even wrote some time ago and never posted it… something about the country I live in now – Switzerland. But when I read the other version now it seems to be like years ago. You know, like a typical polish person I had more to complain about but as me now I cut all of the shit 😀 But…->

First of all language. It is a disaster when You come here and they all speak to you something and you say ‘yes’ not knowing what is it about. Even if you understand German..(more or less…) – it’ s not German. Well now I do better but it took some time. 😀 Whats more they have three if not more formal languages for the whole country. Oh my.

Does someone know what CH so the shortcut for Switzerland mean? I don’t but my suspicion tells me it’s from Confederatio Helvetica (probably not written correctly, forgive me). So ye..Switzerland is a confederacy- like a country-patchwork. Every piece has different rules and different dialect of the language or the language… so complicated 😮 and..Italians think that everyone speaks Italian and if not then everyone should..

Second of all… Everything is so correct. Air, pavements, people. Everywhere good manners. You can leave your bike outside without locking it and no problem…even your car but having my polish mentality I wouldn’t risk it :D. I like it, I see the difference between life quality here and in my country.  But, there is always a but. I found some racist footprints here which weren’t referred to me or whatsoever.. nothing bad was said to me but still painful to hear that someone’s skin is “dirty”.  Fortunately no-one I know said it…



Third of all I met some great people so the place started not to matter so much 🙂




and fourth of all they really have some good chocolate and amazing mountains here..30232022_1786519081387327_467826187_o.jpg









and nature is generally friendly 😉30177072_1786525588053343_240009516_o





and the Swiss flag is a big plus so what do you need more… 😀

but I don’t like cheese fondue… sorry guys!


PS. I have some other reflections so stay tuned if you want to know a bit more about this small like two states in Polen together country ❤









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