One way or another, one road to another, one country or.. Ireland. This time i flew to the green land where lives as much sheep as people or even more and Guiness flows like a river. I didn’t see leprechaun with gold though..neither four leaf clover but I think…once a rainbow. So close to the golden caldron! Anyway, it is what it is.


Actually Heineken flows there too. And other..goldish drinks (I guess Guiness is little to heavy if the plan is to drink 10 pints). At least in that typical, crowded after 9 pm bar in Mountrath. And for a small town with population reaching not even 2000 all 4 or 5 bars were quite vigorous. I guess that’s how You know You’re in Ireland.


About the language. I tried to educate myself about it. I even tried to learn some basics. No way. I remember only ‘good morning’ and obviously “cheers”. Still tough though. All traffic signs in gealic, but surprisingly (im not an expert but from what i’ve heard) a lot of origins don’t use it anymore. The accent is only what left. Pity. I find it cool to have something different and be proud of it. (let’s not generalise – I’ve also heard that the west part is more conservative about this matter, God save the language! Sláinte!)




The most magnetising for me was the landscape I’ve seen driving on the Old Military Road. From Glendalough (if i remember correctly) up to probably Mountrath. First up the waterfall (colour of the Guiness), then through the turfs (probably that where from the colour of the water comes from) and ofcourse looots of sheep. It was rainy but..thats the spirit.


And of course..blablabla Mohers beautiful even though it was too foggy to see all.. or too crowded to see the actual Mohers. More like the China Wall…(also just heard but on the pics is always full).

The last but not the least – Dublin. Jumped on a double-decker bus and had a trip around. PLUS a small Guiness, not to forget where I am. For me the Dublin Doors were top. But my phone frozed every time i wanted to take a quality picture. Less profi but did anyway!


All in all it was brief but hoping to go back north..west.. green. Maybe even try playing hurling, although looks more agressive than rugby 😀
PS. Ireland is not in Schengen. If thats anyhow interesting someone. – I was surprised.

PS. 2… I liked the food. Irish (“english”- sorry for that!) breakfast was 10/10. 😉



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