quickly going back

Time flies and again I am writing after more than a month. Probably more than 2. Who would count. So I promised Netherlands again. Actually i thought something else because it’s been 1,5 months since we’ve visited and then it was lots other places aaand it can be boring but if i said so, let it be.


And it’s been 2 years since it’s started so K will be also happy reading a reminder.


First of all there was this airbnb place we land in and it’s a random student room that can be affordable in summer from visits like ours. Just typical again and clever ofc. When you hear from upstairs “Bloody stairs, I hate them! I just hate them!” then it’s clear You’re in Holland. I had huge problems myself to get down in wet flip-flops after a shower and almost slid down instead of gracefully flowing. staircase.jpgThat’s just how it is. Or maybe it’s only me that see stuff like that.  We almost didn’t cook which was the highest level of laziness or just there was no time. Time! It flows there always differently. Anything starts so late that a day is just shifted. Going out at 11 pm or even later so how can You be up again at 8 or 9 🙂 Just sometimes we managed to have activities not requiring this shift. But requiring an umbrella (which we didn’t have) when during a nice, warm and sunny afternoon at the lake the rain suddenly wanted to shoot us.

I didn’t even think of going to Diaconessen because it’s down. And not having a bike discredit this kind of visit at 1st place. But we’ve seen other familiar corners and people that makes the place. And here a little product placement-  i visited Warhol before but somehow didn’t pay attention (well I know how) but this time i did and need to say chapeau bas, don’t know the name of that drink (probably it has no name) but was great so i recommend. And the little coffee place on Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 32 is happily still existing but how i know it i don’t think it will ever close because it’s 10/10. Some next time i need to see the inside of a cafe where the cats are guests-decoration-mascots (hm?). So obviously something like Kittycoffee or whatever. I still don’t know if I should just like that write the names or addresses but I guess when it’s positive and happen to lead someone inside then it’s ok.

About the people i won’t say a lot because who knows that knows and it’s enough. Just that seeing all those familiar faces always brings the smile and complets any stay in Groningen. Hopefully after some time there will always be not only empty Grote Markt but all the ones i’ve met in.. lets say Drie Gezusters. 😉


tot ziens



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