saying hi saying bye

The time runs. I gained not only memories, new language skills, more beautiful photos to look at when I’m old but also another address’ to send postcards to or crash when I’m gonna feel Würzburgsick 😀

Beginnings are always quite hard. In many different ways. The biggest barrier was language and no familiar faces around. But now I can easily say, Würzburg is awesome. It is not too big, not too small, cosy, vital, green, sunny. It’s all here. Ok maybe I would love a lake to sail but it can’t be 100% perfect right? After those 5 months I can say it is a place You could spend the rest of your life here.


And there is wine all over. I mean not just the one already in a bottle, which by the way is something special (also as you can see from the bottle shape), but seeing also how it grows before it’s an alcohol was amazing. (ps. silvaner is pretty good if You’re some time there) From time to time while walking down the winehill we experienced heat like it was some winery in southern France.

Main flows usually slowly so that it takes Your eyes with the stream and let your brain relax.  And here like in whole Bavaria(of course to be clear Franconia) shops are closed after 8pm and on sundays which trains You to do the shopping on those terms and gives people working there also a chance to be …well people with some free time and a bit of rest. We have also noticed that people here value their free time so maybe its the reason. Or was is caesar’s idea? If relax then with the stamp (at least that polish people say)


19858478_1485931604779411_672486119_nEvery month they cook up some occasion here to celebrate and sit outside with a glass of wine/beer/whatever, but mostly wine, not mentioning that it goes on also without any occasions 24/7 on the Alte Mainbrücke (Old Main Bridge). So Germans are not just organised and stiff! * and here small ps. sometimes I hated that because I just wanted to ride through on my bike people!





All in all Würzburg gets 5 stars or a like, however it’s bettter 🙂






For now on the way again. For a very little while discovering the north parts of Germany. So again something completely different. Lots of sheep (in some places more than people I dare to say), juicy green grass and those, strange for me – a Baltic Sea visitor, tides. This is really a nature miracle.. or physics.. anyway

Ich bin nedd bledd, ich bin Franke!

and now..

Moin Moin 🙂


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