Something local

I haven’t written for ages. Time for a change. Actually I shouldn’t because in two days I’m writing a B2 level German test so.. but some time for a breath from it won’t hurt.

I am leaving then the Netherlands for now, I’m visiting Groningen soon so hopefully I will climb the Tower and write about it, or about something else.


Something local for me would be normally Poland but for now I’m in Germany and I suppose I got to know this country a little better untill now.  First thing is that it is a big country but it contains so many smaller states (Bundeslands) and every state has different government, tradition, food, dialect, days off work, basically everything. It is like puzzels.  And people of particular state seem to like beeing individuals in it. So for instance if You want to have more days off from work, work in Bavaria. I’m actually in Bavaria but even Bavaria is again cut into some smaller parts so my city is placed in Franken so that would be in english…Franconia? Hmm, I guess so. And they also say: We don’t drink this awfully huge beer and eat those white, fat sauages, we are more sophisticated because we drink wine and eat cheese with it. Oh yes maybe but after You will be the same drunk, won’t You?

Anyway, Germany are generally not spectacular. I felt more positively overwhelmed in Holland but it’s a good country to live. It has quite nice food, people are mostly kind and helpful – maybe because of the fact that they usually work in a place they want to and even if not then they still treat their job seriously and put an effort into it.
Well, I can say something about Northrhine- Westphalia (so somewhere near to the dutch boarder) and Bavaria. There is a visible difference, but I can’t say where is better. Obviously I have here a great city with, for its size, a big number of bars (including my favorite type- irish bars!) and coffee places, wine hills where the view is quite amazing and the bridge looking like the one in Prague. I feel lucky because I am in about 8 minutes with my bike in the center but less lucky when I need to ride back up the hill. Believe me…my quadriceps got way bigger. I mentioned wine hills, but I mut say more that it is a huge advantage of this place. It has it’s purpose to be wine one day but at the same time it is just another piece of green space where You can walk over and over (or run) and it doesn’t get boring…and it’s easy to get tanned..I gues that’s why the wine grows there right? About the language.. most of the germans I’ve met claim that german is very hard but I must say that it’s rather moderate. It took me a year to learn it like I can speak it somehow better…including getting to B1 almost on my own. So surely don’t give up if You try! I find french way worse…miasto 2.JPG
Other cities in Bavaria, well Munich is quite big, bigger than Cracow which is my home city. It is so organized, clean and perfekt…no wonder when it’s twice expensive as other cities. And West Germany? Different architecture.. even older monuments like in Aachen but at the same time much more industrial and less cosy. Though Aachen is cool. And Cologne has something too.



So anyway big like for Germany !

Viele Grüße 🙂

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