Foody Moody

Today no melancholy. Today straight to the point..which is food.

Food ! Who doesn’t like it! Me and K. love it so we were eating even too much back then… we ended up checking if the vanilla-chocolate pudding has something healthy inside…

Our basic dinner was pasta with zucchini, tomatoes and pesto…(no worries, we thrived later) in the beginning we also had a great dose of polish honey, cottage cheese and some other delicacies brought from our country… but, let’s face it, we emptied our little stocks quickly and started to check out what do dutchies have in their shops. I guess I can’t name the names of shops here (or can I?) Anyway I like the blue one better.

I  must admit here, if You look for an actual famous dutch dish.. don’t. At least, I’m sorry, I can’t name one. (Or i was not able to find one there?) It doesn’t mean they don’t have specialities! Vla was our king and stroopwafels 20151116_213259.jpgmember of the royal court. I could describe Vla as a pudding. But still, it’s different than that. Stroopwafels are two ironed wafels with caramel (+some honey and whatever more) inside.
And with those two there is very low possibility that You will find them in other countries.. well for instance I found Vla in Germany at the boarder with Holland so it’s not completely impossible. Anyway usually not at the same name and in the same form and quality. Be carefull theese are not carrots full of vitamines !

Another just-dutch thing is Hagelslag. I have no picture of it I’ve lately noticed I haven’t bought it even once and I’m not sure if I’ve tried it. When I saw it in the shop I was quite buffled. You know in my country this kind of stuff is used on cakes as a topping, decoration or whatever. There, on the other hand, is used also as a topping.. but on a bread for a breakfast 🙂 oh ok, not only breakfast but You know what I mean. Apart from the funny function, it is also pronounced in a very funny way but I leave You that to check or hear one day in 20151006_095715.jpgNetherlands 🙂


We were speeding up slowly like You see in the picture. I can’t even say if it was our lunch or breakfast 🙂

At least we went big with our pancakes for a common dinner. Can’t forget those great meals. We all cooked some nice stuff so just imagine having about 8 different kitchens type at one table. I knew I’ve paid not only for the room with rickety windows 😀


Furthermore in Netherlands You can find almost everything earlier prepared. You need veggies – cut, ready to put in a pan. You need to make pancakes? The mixture for it is just waiting on the shop shelf..I guess You would just need some milk and water. That was kind of handy… Of course You have all of this in proper forms but no effort needed if You don’t feel like it. And if You don’t even feel like bothering with the shop, then just turn around and eat something from a wagon or a little booth. Maybe fries with some mayo sauce or some venezuelan specialities?



I would forget the cheese. They have lots. But I’m not sure what could I say more about cheese. Maybe that there is so many kinds
we would need a day to try them all. From what we did try20150912_154123 I liked the green colour, pesto-taste one best. At the same market as You see here were also some sea monsters that I don’t know how but You can cook and eat but I won’t show You that because I would be scared of my own post ! Really.



Must say with some food names it’s really fun…even with a normal Gouda.. it sounds better in dutch!

Ps. I know there are some other substances from NL you would like to hear about, but that is rather beyond the scope of mine. 😉


eet smakelijk !


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