meet the Tower

Don’t worry, apart from our precious dead end which now literary is dead.. there were also some other places and buildings worth seeing 🙂

Prague has an impressive castle, China has the Great Wall and Pisa has the Leaning Tower… 20150905_171600.jpg
we also had a Tower. Fortunately Martinitoren wasn’t leaning or anything. Surely it’s not so known and not even the prettiest but who loves just for pretty face right?
It just had something special. Maybe because of the bell’s melodies, heard surely not at proper hours such as 12 – at least not only, or simply because it is a place of good memories. Anyway every time I visited again the city, I’ve had an uncontrolled smile on my face while seeing it even for a moment.. Shame I didn’t finally managed to climb up the stairs inside but I guess I’ve had the same view from a ferris wheel and some sources say that I didn’t loose much. – Im not saying I won’t do it someday or You shouldn’t 🙂



Did I mention that people live there not only in high narrow but really well packed houses but also on barques? Crazy bastards! I mean positiv of course. If You have water all over, everywhere and even too much – use the water. Also for us it made quite a nice view just to walk over small bridges and occasionally make a picture.


But about the houses..of course You have block of flats, some modernistic kinds of buildings and so on but those typical houses are just uniqe. I was quite often in one of those but it took me couple of months to get how the (only just-size) staircases work and which windows set belongs to which floor. And.. one sure thing – while You visit Holland there is no way to miss that most of the dutch people have this tendency not to use curtains or blinds to have some privacy. It was quite unusual so at the beginning I also caught myself on shortly lurking inside, what kind of furnitures they had or how in that very moment family was relaxing on the sofa watching a movie. And it wasn’t only me to do that! Why curtainsless windows? In one book I’ve read it’s because they like to show off so they put lots of decorations at the window which are not covered due to a better view for pedestrians. Somewhere was that it’s because of historical or religious reasons. Maybe protestants wanted to ..protest and show they have nothing to hide from the God and found this way accurate.. or that some sailors in this way supervised their wives by neighbours while they were gone at the high sea… who knows.. You can think of Your own story here 🙂


Oh I would completely forget. After the very personal choices I just can’t omit the colorful houses! Didn’t manage to visit in autumn or winter but finally later at the beginning of summer, maybe that’s even better for a picture sake.


Every time I was leaving this place it was a bit hard, especially when even the bus driver asked for a bus ticket to the airport asks You:”You were here so short and You want to leave us again?!” How did he know how long have I stayed – no idea but a little smile showed up on my face – “No worries, I’m coming back soon” I thought.





Chomątowska B., “Przyjaciół poznaje się w Bredzie”




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