This is just unique


So there we are. Breaking through the afterparty mess with some heavy pieces of baggage, looking around with a dose of scepticism…the snoring guy wouldn’t woke up even if we 20150905_181421
used a hammer drill…
Anyway, destination 3rd floor. Wasn’t easy but at least payed off – better view for an occasionaly appearing rainbow and…for a building site next door. 😉



When I say Diaconessen only those who lived there have a  full HD picture. It was 2 in 1. The worst and the best. Certainly the last destination in the city for any visitors but that didn’t stop residents to ride their bikes into the city in any weather conditions, sometimes even with a beer can in one hand.
Imagine post-hospital building changed into a dormitory.
Creepy right? Luckily no one told us that in the beginning… Long, white hall with a common kitchen in the middle and a balcony with a collapsing concrete floor. Barely holding together, typical dutch windows with just one of a kind lock type.. This is not to explain, this You must open and close yourself…  But like I said my view was not the worstpapap.jpg one. I saw all the people arriving and leaving on their bikes like it was a central bike station. And because of the windows my room was always naturally ventilated.
Ps. I actually liked those windows.



But the place was surprisingly vigorous. It lived it’s own life. The main hall downstairs with a red couch everyday got more and more fans to finally become an official pre-party or.. just a main and last-party destination for the whole building. By the way K, games containing percentage beverages were surely not for You 🙂


Forgot to tell, at first there were also common barbecues but in time… rainy, windy place You know.. At least we managed to see the Peterswoldsemeer with a huge windmill before it was too late.

We 3rd floorers were always quite inventive (and surely the other floorers as well). I must mention here how we used the hall to dry our clothes. No one could freely pass through it but for us it was a very useful solution..and made some of us surprisingly happy. Unfortunatelly that idea wasn’t legal and we had to shut down the bussines. And so on, and so on… E’s lasagne from an aluminium box, A. with his avocados, T. with his portable speaker on the shoulder, J. not always being aware what she had just said, B. always with a full smile, J. with an enormous number of tea cups, Me and K. talking too much bullshit in polish, N. with a great tortilla de patatas, G’, my neighbour, writing a scientifically confusing for a typical mortal formulas and also another N., from the other side of the building but nonetheless still a big part of our left side of the 3rd floor… That all made quite a colorful picture. Hope You could catch it all.

Next time I’m showing You other buildings there… The ones, that not like (sadly) Diaconessen, still exist.

Doei !

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