The entrance ticket

I’ve already started. But let’s begin with something that actually has a content.

Not-being-home(meaning my country) started with Netherlands. One sunny day we left home with a full packed car. We, because I wasn’t the only one with a suitcase..or two. After approximately 14 hours of driving, the flat like a table land showed up. Not counting dispersed patches of windmills of course. And the fact that there can be even more than flat. I must say I remember it all quite well. So there we are in front of our dormitory. The grass on the field half cut. Tones of bottles lying around and..quiet. 8.00 in the morning. Through the window we just saw more bottles and.. one tall, wide guy lying on the couch sleeping after supposingly not being able to find his own room after a party. Well, I could go into more details but let’s say we finaly found a way to get in and to get keys to our rooms. What can be next in Netherlands? That’s clear – BIKES. No doubt it’s one of the most essential thing. It is just a so called ‘must have’. 20150901_145208.jpgBut what’s funny, the market there can be quite tricky. I mean just – watch out, tommorow your bike is someone elses. So here a little advise: don’t buy new, freshly produced bike. Just a casual, second hand (in some cases too casual or almost devastated) bike. I was amazingly lucky to stayed just with one although parts of it were suprisingly disappearing.

Be careful. Sometimes pieces disappear as a result of an unfortunate event. Dear K, I still have no idea, if the thing You lost, was finally a chain cover or a light. 😉

To be honest, I miss this superflat, bike friendly place.


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