I need to start somehow.

So many stories get around the world. Some of them are just told from one to another over a cup of coffee. Some are shouted in noisy bars and some told quietly with a dose of nostalgia. I could name many more places, emotions and gestures involved in stories all know better. Just remember yesterday when you told someone about your day at work or how amazing was to visit Rome.
Mine are to be written. I have no plan and frankly even no idea where to start. Ps. Don’t pay anttention to my awful grammar mistakes. Let’s say english can be tricky.

My language is polish. But it happens my dear polish people can read in english and obviously it’s more common. Well it’s not gonna be poetry so I guess I get the right to use it for my writing efforts.

I traveled a bit and lived in another country but it took me time to develop an idea about writing a blog. Clearly I will need to go to the past and remember some details.

But I say at the beginning – it’s not a travelling blog. Just free floating thoughts about this and that. Ok. Enough. Enjoy the stories You are about to hear today. Maybe it will get You to write down some of them as well.


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